Assessment criteria

Each STSM proposal will be assessed according to the criteria listed in the table below


Assessment  criteria Description Points
Applicant CV Estimate the ability of applicant to realize  the proposed STSMEarly stage researchers start from a minimum of 5 points for this criteria 15
Applicant publication Publications related to the working plan proposalEarly stage researchers start from a minimum of 10 points for this criteria 15
Working plan proposal
  1. Clear justification of activities which should be realized during the STSM.
  2. How are the activities in connection to COST action TU 1301 and priorities defined in MoU?
  3. Dissemination of outcomes from STSM
Detailed Plan of activities Diagrammed activities (Gantt chart) for the whole  duration of STSM 10
COST action benefits Clear definition of the COST action TU 1301 benefits from the proposed STSM 15
Applicant personal benefits Expected  personal benefits from the proposed STSMIs the applicant an early stage researcher? 15