STSM Call 2015/2016

STSM 2015/2016

Fourth round of STSM 2015

STSM proposals before March 10th, 2016

Due to prolongation of our current grant period till 30/04/2016

This is our fourth call for the STSM in 2015/2016!

Our current Grant Period has been prolonged to 30/04/2016. Therefor we can organize a fourth open call for STSM. This will be an open call without a fix submitting date. The application scientific missions must be made before 30th April, 2016. See STSM Call 2015 for full information.

In the reports of the working groups of the Sheffield meeting (that can be found on the ‘documents section’ of the website preferential topics have be defined. A list of preferential topics will be provided at the website.

Priority topics:

The topics listed here give an idea of important STSM topics for COST action Tu1301. This information was already available via the reports of the different working groups for the Sheffield meeting in 2014 (where more information can be found). Other topics are possible for STSMs but with this list the various working groups wish to express their focus for 2015 and this will be taken into account in the selection of proposals. In all cases, the topic should fall within the COST Tu1301 scope.

Priority topics for Working Group 1 + 2

  • a) collect and measure radiological content of an European residue from different sites, b) make cements (both by designing clinker and by adding as supplementary) as well as geopolymers, c) measure radon (and other gases?), d) characterise the microstructure (and correlate it with work in c), e) evaluate options in b (and other possible ones) from a LCA perspective.

Priority topics for Working Group 3

  • The main focus of working group 3 is on improving the measurement protocols for NORM containing building materials this includes:
    • Rn exhalation measurements
    • Calibration, validation, verification for field measurements
    • g-spectrometry for building materials
    • Monte Carlo calculation for efficiencies
    • Field measurements and Rn exhalation measurements at contaminated sites

Priority topics for Working Group 4

  • Studying and modeling the leaching aspects (leaching of radionuclides) from NORM containing building materials.
  • Review and analysis of existing models evaluating gamma dose rate from building materials.
  • Review and analysis of existing models evaluating Rn exhalation in real life conditions.
  • Collection of data and creation of a database about porosity of Building materials, in particular of concrete.


A Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) gives the opportunity for a research visit of the individuals to the institution in other country in order to foster the collaboration or to learn new technique. COST action TU1301: NORM for Building Materials will support several STSM’s each year by means of travel grants. This action supports particularly, but not exclusively, the Early Career Investigators (PhDs who have no longer than 8 years of experience after receiving their PhD).

The deadline for the new calls for the next two years will also be the first of march of each year.

The details concerning the application for STSM i.e how to apply and how to report on your research visit if you will be awarded, you can find in the Applicants Guide for STSM.