Project Description

In 1996, the European Commission (EC) initiated the creation of a European ALARA Network (EAN) to specify European research on topics dealing with optimisation of all types of occupational exposure, as well as to facilitate the dissemination of good ALARA practices within all sectors of the European nuclear industry and research.
Up to 2007 the NORM sector was not explicitly included in this network. Therefore, an ALARA Network for NORM (- acronym EANNORM ) has been developed in the years 2007 and 2008 which interconnects groups of experts and provides experiences for the implementation of the ALARA principle in non-nuclear industries.
Based on a review of the situation regarding optimisation of radiological protection in the NORM industry of the European Community, this network shall maintain Codes of Practice for NORM industry managers and promote good radiation protection practice. It intends to improve and support appropriate radiation protection training, to identify problems to be solved and to propose solutions. On these websites a communication system has been created that includes interactive websites, a Document Management System (DMS), discussion rooms and contact databases. With these facilities EANNORM is able to provide, via an internet portal, online support, recommendations and guidelines, decision support and scientific information concerning NORM related topics.