Scientific focus

This COST initiative encourages the collaboration of scientists, industries and regulators to gather knowledge, experiences and technologies, to stimulate research on the reuse of NORM residues in tailor-made building materials while considering the impact on gamma exposure of building occupants and the indoor air quality.

The program is divided into four Working Groups (WG) as follows:

WG 1: Studying the state of the art in the reuse of NORM residues in building materials and development of a data base with best practices for reuse of NORM residues;


WG 2: Developing new options for tailor-made building materials to incorporate NORM residues;


WG 3: Improving the measurement capacity to verify that existing and newly developed (WG 2) NORM containing building materials are in accordance to European legislative requirements. A secondary objective of WG 3 is supporting standardization efforts of measurement protocols and the development of standards;


WG 4: Improving radiological impact assessment models for the reuse of NORM residues in building materials. Investigating the influence of different legislative radioprotection scenarios on the use of NORM residues in building materials and the related impact on both gamma exposure and indoor air quality.




Dissemination plan

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